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  • Why switch to RAWRdaily?
    At RAWRdaily, we don’t make "dog food". We make food for YOUR dog. Our meals are made with high-quality, human-grade, whole food ingredients. We prep and package our meals in professional kitchens, the same way human food is made. Every meal is expertly prepared by restaurant quality chefs to ensure safety and is flash-frozen to lock in freshness.
  • Is it safe to feed raw dog food?
    Your pup is evolutionarily designed to eat RAWRdaily's meals. We produce a nutritionally balanced diet that is formulated to meet and exceed AAFCO's standards. We humans, however, are not very good with handling raw food. That is why RAWRdaily meals are packaged in single serving portions that allow you to open and dispense your pups meals into their bowl easily, limiting the potential risk of contamination. Simply tear open the meal bags, put the content in the dog bowl and VOILA (thats it)! Make sure to wash your hands and any surface the food comes into contact with, including your dog's food bowl, after each feeding with hot soapy water.
  • How does the RAWRdaily meal subscription work?
    You tell us about your dog and RAWRdaily creates a meal plan that makes sense for both of you. We deliver the correct amount of food to your doorstep so you never have to worry about running out. Our deliveries take place twice a month and you are charged on a monthly basis. RAWRdaily meals are made with 100% Human-Grade food and is formulated to meet and exceed AFFCO's nutritional recommendations. Each meal is perfectly portioned so your pup always gets the right amount of nutrients. We recommend twice a day feeding, so we provide you with two packages per day. All you have to do is open each package at feeding time and dispense its contents in your pup's bowl. Don't forget Make sure to wash your hands and any surface the food comes into contact with, including your dog's food bowl, after each feeding with hot soapy water.
  • Can I add purchase for more than 1 dog?
    At the moment, our payment platform can only process payments 1 dog at a time. If you are looking to purchase a second RAWRdaily subscription, simply reach out to us and we will make sure you receive your 1 week free trial for both dogs. Simply contact or call (604) 788-6376.
  • How much does RAWRdaily subscription cost?
    Our meal plans start at $2.79/day for our smallest pups and always include free delivery. Each meal plan is different and customized to your pup's age, weight, activity, and more. Since we deliver the food right to your door, you can be sure that your money is going towards the highest quality ingredients, not to a big retail store. To determine your exact costs, simply fill out your dog's profile by clicking here! Need further customization? Our Team can help, just send us an email at or give us a call (604) 788-6376!
  • How often am I charged for the meal subscription?
    You are charged monthly for the subscription, with meal delivery conducted once every 2 weeks. If you wish to change the frequency of your delivery to once a month, please contact us at and we will be happy to accommodate our delivery frequency to your schedule.
  • Is RAWRdaily meals available without a subscription?
    At the moment, our meal plans are a subscription-only service. Once subscribed, your RAWRdaily subscription is easy to manage. You can contact us directly to change delivery dates, pause, or cancel at anytime! If RAWRdaily isn't the right fit for your dog, we may be able to offer a money-back guarantee, reach out to us at and someone from our team can help.
  • Is there a cost associated with the 1 week trial for new customers?
    As a new customer, we are happy to provide you with 1 week of free meals, specially formulated and pre-packaged to meet your dog's daily nutritional needs. There is no obligation to continue with the subscription thereafter. If you are unhappy with our product or service, you are welcome to cancel the subscription before the end of your free trial period. Simply log onto your members page, and navigate to "My Subscriptions". Click the drop down menu beside your subscription plan, and select "Cancel Subscription".
  • How do I transition my dog to RAWRdaily?
    We take a "Rip off the Band-Aid" approach. We recommend getting rid of the kibble and feeding 100% RAWRdaily from day 1. Never mix dry kibble with raw food, as they digest at different rates, and your pup's stomach will not enjoy the complexity. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for your dog to fully acclemate to our RAWRdaily diet, but even in that short period of time, you will begin to notice serious improvements. Your pup will be less dehydrated, their coat will become more shiny and flatulance will be decreased, alonside much healthier looking bowel movements. If you are looking for specific suggestions from our team, don't hesistate to reach out at
  • How do I know how much to feed my dog?
    We personalize your dog's food based on our veterinary nutritionist-developed algorithm. Our serving suggestions are based on AAFCO’s recommended feeding guidelines for a complete and balanced diet, based on two meals per day. We take the guess-work out of measuring your dog's daily intake. Once we've determined the exact daily caloric intake of your pet, we pre-package each serving to fit the need of your pet. All you have to do is open the package and dispense the content in your dog's bowl during meal time! Like humans, each dog consumes a certain amount of calories per day. This daily consumption is primarily based on the dog's weight, age, gender, current body type and activity level. Many competitors suggest feeding 2-2.5% of your pet's body weight per day, but this standard approach does little to provide an accurate caloric need for your pet specifically. RAWRdaily takes the time and makes the effort to ensure your dog receives the exact amount of calories needed to thrive!
  • How often do I feed my dog?
    We recommend feeding your dog's food once in the morning and once in the evening (at least 2 hours before bed time). Easy as that. Since we provide you with two packages of meals daily, all you have to do is open one package during meal time and dispense the content into your dog's bowl.
  • How do I store my dog's RAWRdaily meals?
    Since RAWRdaily meals are fresh and are without additives and perservatives, our meals are perishable and need to be kept in the freezer or in the fridge. We recommend keeping 2 days worth of food (4 packages of meals) in the fridge and the remainder in the freezer. As you feed your dog, you can continue to take packages out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge.
  • How do I thaw my dog's RAWRdaily meals?
    If you forget to thaw your pup's meals in advance of feeding time, you can put one package in a bowl of water for 20-30 minutes and the contents will quickly thaw sufficiently to allow for easy consumption. We recommend keeping 2 days worth of food (4 packages of meals) in the fridge and the remainder in the freezer. As you feed your dog, you can continue to take packages out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge. DO NOT MICROWAVE RAWRdaily meals, as they include animal bone that should not be cooked. Although the bones have been crushed and grinded at least twice, it is never recommended to microwave raw meals for feeding to your pup.
  • Help! I have a problem with a recent delivery.
    Don't worry - we will take care of it! 😄 Just email us at with the details of your issue - to ensure that we can help get your issue resolved as soon as possible, please provide the following information if you know it: - Your subscription or order # - Your address - Your dogs name - Specific quantities affected (i.e., the number of containers) - Photo(s) of the invoice, box, containers, and/or bags of treats (depending on what you're having an issue with!) We'll work around the clock to make sure everything gets sorted as quickly as possible.
  • Once I place my order for RAWRdaily meals, how quickly will they be delivered?"
    Upon the confirmation of your order, we generally deliver your pup's meals to your doorsteps within 48 to 72 hours. If you are a new customer, you will receive a 7 days worth of food in your first delivery. After your initial 7 day trial, we will proceed to deliver regularly to fulfill your monthly subscription.
  • How is my pup's RAWRdaily meal subscription packaged?
    Our pre-portioned packages are safely packed in reusable, environmentally friendly insulated containors and delivered right to your door. You will receive 30 individually packaged meals, already frozen, to be fed to your pup over the next 15 days. Since we courier your dog's food directly to your door, the meals arrive already frozen or cold to the touch! The insulated bags will keep the food fresh for 4-6 hours once delivered to your door, so you will have plenty of time to retrieve your package and place the contents in the fridge and freezer. If the contents are not cold to the touch, reach out to us at and one of our specialists will be sure to help make it right.
  • Do you notify me when my pup's RAWRdaily meals have been delivered?
    Absolutely! We will send you a text message once your shipment has been delivered to your door. This way, you can make sure to retrieve the insulated bags and place the content in the fridge and freezer.
  • Do I need to be home when my package arrives?
    Nope, you don't have to be home for deliveries from RAWRdaily! But, our meals are perishable, so it's important to get them into the freezer as soon as possible upon being delivered.
  • Do you provide RAWRdaily meals outside of your delivery zone?
    Currently we are only capable of providing our meal subscriptions to the following Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions. We are growing very quickly and with additional funding and investment we plan on expanding our services all across Canada. Stay tuned! If you are interested in partnering with us to expand RAWRdaily, or want to hear more about our plans, drop us a line at
  • Do you deliver to apartment buildings/condos?
    Of course we do! Please check with your doorman or concierge to make sure they will accept the delivery from our driver. Some apartment buildings will let us buzz in and we can leave it in front of your door. Otherwise, just reach out to us once you've placed your order if you have special delivery instruction. We are happy to accommodate your schedule, by delivering your pup's meals when someone is available to receive the delivery.
  • What do I do with the insulated bag that is delivered to my door?
    We make consistent deliveries twice a month, and all of our RAWRdaily meals come packaged within an insulated bag. We ask that you leave the insulated bag from the previous delivery outside so that our Delivery Team can retrieve the bags when they are dropping off your new shipment. This way we can make sure to limit the number of insulated bags used, allowing us to reuse our bags and decrease our carbon footprint. A $25 fee is charged at the end of your subscription for each insulated bag that has not been returned to us.
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